Who are we!

Alex FM is one of the oldest community radio stations in Gauteng. It was established by the Alexandra Community Trust and first went on air on the 1st September 1994. The station is celebrating it’s 21 years of existence. Alex FM is a 24/7 radio station, broadcasting in the following languages English, IsiZulu, Sepedi, Setswana, Xitsonga, Venda, Sesotho and IsiXhosa.

The station broadcasts to the Greater Alexandra Community, the entire North Eastern Johannesburg and the surrounding areas. Our advantages include the fact the we are not a niche station and thereby able to target all ages and most languages spoken in the stations footprint.

Our History

Alex FM was established by the Alexandra Community Trust and first went on air on 1st September 1994 from Sankopano Community Centre on 12th Avenue in Alexandra. The station later moved to #69 at 2nd Avenue. It is one of the oldest community radio stations in The Republic of South Africa.

The station was one of the pilot stations ushering in democracy and the then new broadcasting act that gave birth to community radio in the country.

Alex FM has experienced its own share of challenges and successes. The challenges mainly governance related, saw the station closing down and losing its broadcast licences a few years ago. Thanks to the current Alex FM Board of trustees the station has been stabilized in the past 6 years and has been able to sustain itself under very difficult circumstances.

The successes however include developing some of its personnel who are currently playing their trade with other established stations across the country. The station has over the years won several awards.

Our growth plan

The station currently has over 160 000 (hundred and twenty thousand) listeners. We hope to increase our listenership by three to four times the number of audiences due to our increased coverage and revamped programming. The station is in the process of moving to new premises housing our new state of the art studios. This will improve our business profile whilst making the station more accessible to our business partners and audiences. We believe the envisaged growth will also help increase our revenue whilst it propels the station to greater heights and puts the station in the same position with some of the leading brands in the country and the world.

Our goals

  • To be a sustainable community owned and community driven radio station
  • To serve the interests of the community by providing information, education and entertainment programming
  • Provide detailed, impartial and accurate information on ALL issues that are of interest to the community.
  • Entrench the diversity of cultures as a fundamental development component.
  • Provide for maximum accessibility to the community.