Our Rate Card

Our rate card offers descriptions of the various advertising placement options on our ON AIR programing. The rate card will give you our advertising price-list and assist you in working out the right budget for your campaign. However we advise you to contact our sales manager/department to guide you on your advertising campaign. Because they understand the platform, they will give best advice on how to invest your money and get your return on investment. They will also guide you on which shows to advertise to and the time slots based on your targeted market.

Ads / Promos

We offer the best quality ads and promos with professional voice over artist and production.


A 15 minutes interview offers a great way to get up close and personal with your audience.

Billboards & Live Reads

You can sponsor our news bulleting and our DJ’s/presenters can read your ad/promo live on air.

Satellite & Outside Broadcast

For outdoor activities/events and broadcasting, this is the best way to provide listeners with live feed.