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Gwen Ramokgopha visits Alexandra

As part of the Gauteng Ntirhisano Community Outreach Programme, Members of the Executive Council of the Gauteng provincial government will be visiting various areas across Gauteng on Wednesday to engage with the communities following the State of the Province Address by premier David Makhura two weeks ago.

The MEC for backlog Health in Gauteng Dr Gwen Ramokgopha will be engaging with Alexandra residents at the AlexSankopano Community Hall at 17:00

The visit comes after the country experienced the worst outbreak of Listeriosis disease that claimed 180 deaths, Gauteng province being hit the most.

Speaking to Alex FM News the Department of Health district manager responsible for Infection control and communicable diseases Middah Manana says the MEC visit is to interact with residents regarding health issues.

By Cliff Shiko



Cliff Shiko